"I couldn’t fail to mention a gig by The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican that left even them speechless at the sheer size, volume and enthusiasm of the audience. The impact these boys have wherever they go is utterly phenomenal. I suspect the trees are still creaking now from the aftershock."
UK Festival Guides Review

"The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican’s reputation preceded them and they didn’t disappoint, resplendent in the most garish of tank tops imaginable... without doubt these guys can really play. Led by the inimitable Scott Doonican, everyone is jumping, as metal-head culture joins folk and hip-hop in an intoxicating mix"

Louder Than War Magazine Review


A small selection of photographic highlights of life on the road on

'The Never Ending Tour of Everywhere' 2006-2019

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"Hey, are you guys The Bar-Steward Sons?" 

Just some of the familiar faces we've been snapped along with while out on The Road

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The #EyeCandyTuesday Gallery

A collection of candid Alan snaps, from the Facebook phenomenon that is #EyeCandyTuesday

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Scott in full-flow (Photo by Sally Lomas)