'LEAP OF FAITH II' - The Crowdfunding Project


This project should be ready and delivered to pledgers by the end of October 2020.



Yes... but the better we do, the better we will make the end product. That's just the way we roll! 

The people who pledged early (Dec-June) got this for just £10, but it has now gone to the Tier 2 price of £15 for late-arrivals, and will retail at more than that after it is released.  


Since 2015, with the help of fans, The Bar-Steward Sons have self-produced and self-released five studio albums, several live albums, a double 12" vinyl LP, a 7" vinyl single and a DVD with the aid of successful independent crowdfunding projects. We have had a 100% success rate to date, and all previous crowdfunded projects have been completed ahead of schedule and delivered before our own self-imposed deadlines, often exceeding what people expected.

We have also been lucky to have the wonderfully talented Joel Howe in the mixing and mastering chair, for all of the studio stuff and without doubt, these albums are the best we have ever sounded. Fans new and old welcomed the improvements to the production values, and as a result we plan to work with Joel again.

So what are we up to, and what is this 'LEAP OF FAITH II' Scott Doonican has been banging on about?

Well, it is exactly that. A trust exercise... not as much a gamble, but having the confidence that we have got a good track record for delivering, and not leaving anybody disappointed. Some of you will have had your own part to play in the original Leap of Faith project, which saw Scott beavering away on a secret project from June to December 2019. At first he said, he wanted a mere tenner and you would be guaranteed a CD album. However, he also stated that if enough people pledged, that this may be expanded to a second CD. In the end, when it landed, the original Leap of Faith project emerged as a Triple Album Box Set... of re-recorded, re-mastered versions of the current band line-up's first three albums together, glass-mastered and repackaged, sounding vastly better than they ever did when they were first released. For new fans they bagged an absolute bargain for their money,  and for older fans that already owned the originals, they gained three collector's items (in the form of their old CDs) and three much improved studio efforts, all for a mere austerity-busting price tag. Nobody could grumble, and we got to ensure that the band's current line-up's legacy was very much intact. The crowdfunder had to be capped later on or the band would have made a financial loss, due to production costs. (This could well happen again, this time!)

So what do we want from you this time? Well, for now... just a bit of money... we're not greedy, and we probably won't make any profit from it... like most Doonican-based projects, this always starts as a labour of love. 


For your money, you will be guaranteed a CD album plus another mystery item and also a download code too (just in case you are so hip-and-with-it that you "don't do physical copies any more") at the end of it, and if more people pledge, we'll do what we can to upgrade the bulging package. I mean, what can you get nowadays for £15? Fifteen shit packs of Poundland batteries... 10 chicken bakes from Greggs. You certainly can't get much with it, but we hope to defy that logic... again!

Once enough of you get involved, it will work a bit like socialism in action in the real world... everyone working together and everybody benefiting.  It's quite a nice vision, isn't it? What's not to love!?!? 


So to recap, we need YOUR help to crowd-fund the production of a CD album (which will come with a download code and something else too). We are sticking to our D.I.Y. ethos, and are producing this all ourselves, and Joel is back at the helm, to mix and master the final product. 

Take that second leap, and we'll see you on the other side in late 2020.

What's the worst that can happen...?


Scott Doonican

Fri 6th Dec 2019