Merry Xmas Everybody


Merry Xmas Everybody

The Pre-General Election

Christmas Charity Single 2019


So here it is, Merry Christmas:

And here are my liner notes for this single in 2019...

After many people on social media asked me to consider it, I have decided to re-release our 2016 Christmas single, with all money going to SHELTER. I am guessing that many people thought it was still relevant, if not more relevant than it was in 2016, and I thought that it would be apt to try and get it into the charts on the weekend before the election, as it has quite a poignant message, particularly for the people who are currently asking for your votes.

It's a long shot, but with your help we might manage it, especially as we won't be competing with the Christmas chart itself, which is a few weeks later. Last year, when we tried to do this, we somehow got into the Top 80, against a very busy chart, so with your help this time, we may just manage to do better.


I should emphasise now, that as a comedy band we don't usually do politics. However, on some days we make exceptions. This year's charity single was created on one such day, a few years ago along with our friend, mentor and moral compass, the now sadly departed, and much missed Maartin Allcock. When I first sent the lyrics to Maart, I was worried that, as a comedy band I had crossed the line, but Maart was quite adamant that this was what set us apart from other comedy acts... in his words, we had 'a heart and a social conscience'. 

It was written and recorded before Grenfell, before the word Brexit was entered in the Oxford English Dictionary, and before the current toxic split in society, over something that had never previously bothered the working man (or certainly before they started to believe the things they read in a press run by people with more money than good intentions). 

If you don't understand, or agree with the message that I was trying to purvey when this was written, then my somewhat prophetic words from 2016 were quite possibly wasted, and three years later you will probably be joined my the many, who will get what nobody deserves, rather than the few, who can see past all the bluff, bluster and buses. This is now my personal tribute to my friend, Maart, and if it offends you, just ignore it, because offence is only ever taken: it is never given. I won't lose sleep. In fact, this makes me sleep better. However, before you cast your judgement, at least watch the music video below to the end.

Peace, love and understanding

Scott Doonican

25th Nov 2019

So here it is, Merry Christmas:

Here are my original liner notes for the same single in 2016...


I genuinely spent a lot of time trying to gauge this right. As a comedy band, I know we have absolutely no right to be wandering into politics, nor should we ever be satirical or indeed ever be poignant. That's just simply not our job. Our job is to be funny and bring smiles to the faces of as many as we can. That we know to be true... BUT... This Christmas we tried to do something totally out of character, i.e. NOT be funny but still bring smiles to the faces of those in need. Excuse us if you disagree strongly. Normal service will resume in 2017. In the words of Shelter's own campaign 'Enough is Enough'. We do hope our fans and friends will get behind this year's Christmas single - please share it far and wide but more importantly download it. Every penny of profit goes straight to Shelter this year to help those much less fortunate than ourselves. Dig deep, spread the word, and remember, just when we all think we have it bad, there are often many more that are worse off than ourselves. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing Producer to the Stars, our dear friend, Maartin Allcock. It's been an absolute dream to work with you, but more so as you both shared our vision and our message.


Peace, love and understanding

Scott Doonican

1st Dec 2016

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The following link, will take some people to Apple Music (depending on what device they are using). If you do a search in iTunes Store for 'The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican & Maartin Allcock', you should be able to find us. Apple don't half make things hard for themselves!


OR YOU CAN BUY FROM BANDCAMP FROM NEXT FRIDAY 29TH NOVEMBER ONWARDS (PLEASE DON'T DO IT BEFORE OR IT WON'T COUNT TOWARDS THE 6TH DECEMBER CHART - and that would technically 'split the vote' to coin a term, and nobody needs that to happen!)


Cheers in advance, you lovely people. 



Have you sold the NHS to all your mates 
Overtaxed the poor and axed their interest rates 
Have you lined all of your pockets 
Put a tonne in a Swiss bank 
While the whole thing stinks just like a septic tank 

So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's looking glum 
Where is our future now? You've sold it to your chums 

While you're waiting for the families to starve 
Are you trying to cut that deficit in half? 
While me granny's sat theer freezin' 
Her fuel allowance has been axed 
You'll be sat in your huge house, warm and relaxed 

So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's had enough 
There is no future now, like turkeys, we've been stuffed 

What would old Maggie do 
Probably snatch the milk left out for Santa Claus ahaaaaa haaa 

There's no hanging up a stocking on your wall 
When your Christmas Dinner comes from a food-hall 
While they're frackin' on hillside 
There are millions unemployed 
While the poor stay poor, the rich stay overjoyed 

So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's looking glum 
Where is our future now? You've sold it to your chums 

So now your Christmas is cancelled 
Cos the there's no-one having fun 
Look to the future now… they've only just begun




Originally released November 29, 2019 
Scott Doonican - vocals, acoustic guitar 
Bjorn Doonicansson - banjo, bouzouki, mandolin 
Alan Doonican - piano, accordion 
Maartin Allcock - bass, percussion, production duties