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Live At Glastonbury Festival 



Davey Malone / Intro

Massage In A Brothel


She's From Dodworth

How Deep Is Your Glove?

Paint 'em Back

Walking In Man-Piss

Too Good To Be Jus

The Ornithologist Waltz

Festival Heroes

The Lady In Greggs

The Devil Went Darn To Barnsley

Jump Ararnd 


The name 'Glastonbury' conjures up a certain magic. It is synonymous with the gigantic list of some of the greatest musical acts the world has ever seen. It's the destination that so many aspiring bands want to get to, and as a result, playing Glastonbury Festival was always going to be a highlight when we finally got asked to play it. 
So when we took to the stage at the Field Of Avalon on 30th June 2019, we made sure we left a recorder rolling, in case we managed to capture some of that Glastonbury magic. 
Luckily, the magic showed up, and the magic was captured. 
Enjoy the magic... we saved a little bit especially for you.


Avalon Calling (Live At Glastonbury) - CD ALBUM

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