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'ROUGHE & LIEF' - Studio Album #11 : The Crowdfunding Project


This project should be ready and delivered to pledgers sometime in 2021. Scott always likes to have a definitive date in mind and a rigid deadline, but for the first time ever, due to the current pandemic, we want to be able to do a good job, be allowed in the same room when life allows, and also time the album's release so that we can (hopefully) tour the album too, so this may be a more relaxed project that normal.  Nevertheless, we'll keep you updated and we'll strive to do a good job!



No. In the words of The Carpenters...  we've only just begun.  


Since 2015, with the help of fans, The Bar-Steward Sons have self-produced and self-released six studio albums, several live albums, a double 12" vinyl LP, a 7" vinyl single, a couple of DVDs and two books with the aid of successful independent crowdfunding projects. We have had a 100% success rate to date, and all previous crowdfunded projects have been completed ahead of schedule and delivered before our own self-imposed deadlines, often exceeding what people expected.

We have also been lucky to have the wonderfully talented Joel Howe in the mixing and mastering chair, for all of the studio stuff and without doubt, these albums are the best we have ever sounded. Fans new and old welcomed the improvements to the production values, and as a result we plan to work with Joel again.

So what are we up to, and what is 'ROUGHE & LIEF'?

'Roughe & Lief' is Old English for 'Rough & Ready', and the cover for the next album is based on the classic folk-rock masterpiece that is Fairport Convention's 'Liege & Lief' (Loyal and Ready if you were wondering). We have a bunch of new songs already for recording, and a few ideas knocking about, and, let's face it, due to a global pandemic, a bit of time on our hands to write some more 'hits'.  Some songs have already been started, and we can confirm that in the special guests department, we have the likes of Dave Pegg and Dave Mattacks from Fairport Convention already on board!

So what do we want from you this time? Well, for now... just a bit of money... we're not greedy, and we probably won't make any profit from it... like most Doonican-based projects, this always starts as a labour of love. 


For your money, you will get the CD album ahead of the rest of the world... it is a pre-order after all, but more importantly, you are actually funding its production. We're a band with no record label, management, or anything else... so we can't afford to get it wrong. Your generous pre-order allows us to be able to afford to get new material into the world. Without it, we couldn't do it!

So to paraphrase the words of Benny & Bjorn, take a chance on us, and we'll see you on the other side sometime in 2021.

What's the worst that can happen...? (it can't get any worse, can it!?!?)


Scott Doonican

1st Dec 2020