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THE LIVE 2-CD/1-DVD SET:  Crowdfunding Project


This project will be officially released as soon as we have completed it. We recorded and filmed our SOLD OUT 1000th show at Redditch Palace Theatre on 25th Oct 2019 for a 2-CD double album and DVD set. As many of you know, we like a efficient turnaround, and as such, the masters have already gone to the factory for manufacture, so hopefully pledgers will receive their goods just before Christmas, and one thing you can guarantee, is it will be worth it, when it lands!




We have now broken even! However, this release is limited to a run of just 500.


Over the last thirteen years, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican have gone from being an acoustic duo that played disparate covers of other famous people's songs, to becoming the UK's hardest working comedy band, playing to thousands of people a year, across the country.


The 25th October 2019 was a landmark date in the band's history... firstly because it was the anniversary of Alan Doonican #2 joining the band (has it really been five years!), but also because it was the band's 1000th Show (if you don't believe us, look here), and finally, because it was our biggest ticketed headline sold out show to date!

As you know, we have always stuck to our DIY ethos, and all ten of our studio albums have been self-released via our own Moon-On-A-Stick Records label. We have released countless live recordings and bootlegs over the years, but we probably haven't got a really definitive career-spanning double live album and DVD set, so where better to record it than Show #1000! 

For the last bunch of albums, we have had the wonderfully talented Joel Howe in the mixing and mastering chair, and whilst working with him, it has been the best we have ever sounded. So we brought Joel (and his brother James) with us to the Redditch show, where they multi-track recorded the songs (previous live albums have always been created by taking a simple 'stereo-out' of the mixing desk - in essence taking what the audience hear out front, and sometimes mixing in a mic to pick up the sound of the audience, if we were lucky). We already know that this album sounds amazing (we didn't try to emulate Thin Lizzy's 'Live & Dangerous' - you really will hear it exactly as it was played on the night!), and once it was professionally mixed and mastered, we then sent the final audio mix to our film-crew, who had filmed the show on six hi-resolution cameras in the theatre. They then made a final edit of the show, and then we created menus, chapter points etc, before sending it into production.

So, why are we crowdfunding it? Well, quite simply, because we couldn't afford  to do it if we didn't. Film crews and mobile recording units cost a lot of money. We probably won't make any profit at all on this project (UPDATE: we have just broken even now!), but equally we would like to have the lovely memories of such a momentous occasion, as it is unlikely that we will be attempting to sell out a 420-seat theatre any time soon!

So for your £20, we will be recording and filming a 2-CD and 1-DVD digipak box-set of this landmark show, so that you (and we) can relive the night over and over. It'll be summat to show the grand-kids, wain't it!?

Scott Doonican

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