Updated... 24th Oct 2018 7pm

The glossy gatefold record sleeves have now landed at Doonicans HQ, which means as of today Scott & Amanda are frantically inserting 600 records and 600 inserts into the sleeves, before posting out (hopefully on 25th-26th Oct. The records should be with most of you by the end of the week. We think you should be very pleased. They look and sound fabulous!



YES! And this crowd-funding project is now closed. Records will be shipped soon!


In May, we released a 10-year retrospective 'The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican 2008-2018' on CD. It featured 21 of our most-loved songs from the past 10 years, all re-recorded by the current line-up of the band, and is, without doubt, the best we have ever sounded. Fans new and old have welcomed the improvements to the production, and it was extremely well received when it landed.   

After releasing it, we were asked by lots of Doonifans if it would get a vinyl release. Many of you will know how much Scott loves his vinyl, and so, this is why we have set up a crowd-funder to try and deliver what you guys wanted. 

We need YOUR help to crowd-fund the production of this strictly limited edition double-album, which will contain the tracks that are on both the CD and download version of the album. It is a rare occasion where you can literally try-before-you-buy.​ To take a listen click HERE.

"But we've already bought the CD!"

Well, that may be true, but those of you reading this probably don't need too much convincing... it's on vinyl, the best format there is!!! And if you have pledged on our previous vinyl projects, you will know that we 'do vinyl well'. It'll most likely end up much better than we intend the basic package to be, so what's not to love!?

Let's make another piece of Doonican history, folks!

Scott Doonican


Side A

1. Bag For Life

2. Tarnlife (feat. Barnsley Mick)

3. She's From Dodworth

4. Arse On Fire

5. Walking In Manpiss

Side B

1. Since You've Been Ron

2. If I Could Punch A Face...

3. The Zipper

4. All The Dinner Ladies

5. Massage In A Brothel 

6. Nando's

Side C 

1. Festival Heroes

2. The Ornithologist Waltz

3. How Deep Is Your Glove?

4. Paint 'em Back

5. Silent Farter

Side D 

1. The Lady In Greggs

2. B.I.S.T.O.

3. The Cockwombling Song

4. The Devil Went Darn To Barnsley

5. Jump Ararnd

Not convinced? Read the hype...
The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican / 2008-2018
5-Star Review from RnR Magazine by John Atkin
Who'd have thought that dressing in Day-Glo knitwear, fire-risk wigs and butchering classic pop and rock hits in a Yorkshire idiom would, ten years later, result in a 'best of' album that's not just justified, it's a nigh-on essential purchase?
You (hopefully) know what they Doonicans' comedy schtick is by now (in growing volume, judging by the massive mob of people helping Scott Doonican sail around the crowd in his dinghy at Bearded Theory festival).
And this twenty-one track selection serves as the ideal (and cheapest, in approved Yorkshire style) way to get your hands on these re-recordings of their funniest moments. 
The crowd-pleasers are all here: 'Walking In Manpiss', 'Massage In A Brothel', 'The Lady In Greggs', 'The Cockwombling Song' and more - it really is the essential soundtrack for any sophisticated summer barbeque worth its salt. Buy the album, see them live, tell them I sent you, and Scott Doonican will buy you a pint. 
The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican / 2008-2018
A review by Simon Thomas
"The big difference between 'This Is Spïnal Täp' and 'Bad News' was that Spïnal Täp was intelligent and subtle, whereas 'Bad News' was obvious and painted with very broad strokes. Thus, 'This Is Spïnal Täp' stands the test of time and as many repeat viewings as your DVD player can manage, without becoming stale or boring. Likewise, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, have endured 12 years of tank-topped touring and are still shining like crazy diamonds. This is because the songs are very clever-much cleverer than they sound initially-and the musicianship is virtuoso.
'The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican / 2008-2018' is a masterpiece on so many levels. The first thing your ears notice is the production: truly professional, easily on a par with anything the likes of Reinhold Mack or Martin Birch could muster, and Joel Howe, Scott and Björn could teach Mutt Lange a thing or two. The crystal mix allows every aspect of Scott, Alan and Björn's absolute mastery of their instruments to be enjoyed in full.
I've heard a few of the original recordings and the decision to re-record was a fantastic idea. Those fans who have the originals won't be getting the same tracks repackaged, but brand new recordings with the current line up, and those fans new to the band get the best production values and the best Doonican line-up giving the songs the best treatment. And make no mistake: this IS the best line up. This is the classic 'Deep Purple Mk 2' line up!
And the songs: I HAVE to mention the 'new' song. It's a testament to Scott, Alan, Amanda and Björn that the old songs are still funny after many listenings, but I made the mistake of listening to the CD in the car, such was my eagerness. I got to Track 14 on my way home, and had to pull into a lay-by, I was laughing so hard! Another slice of comedy genius from Alan, Scott and Amanda. And it IS genius: not a word is out of place. Anyone can write different words to a classic song, but these lyrics are CRAFTED, honed, polished, until the finished song is a new classic!!
The old favourites are all here too: 'The Zipper', 'Massage in a Brothel', 'All the Dinner Ladies', 'The Lady In Greggs' (now complete with string section)...... altogether a showcase selection of the last 10 years of their career. But 3 songs stand out for me: 'Silent Farter' (I'd not heard it before-another near-car-crash moment!); 'The Devil Went Darn To Barnsley', with it's all-star cast and showcasing young Björn's amazing talent and the wonderful 'Tarnlife', featuring Barnsley Mick with a voice that just makes you want to buy the fella another pint of smooth, just to hear his next anecdote.
All together, this is the perfect package. Production is spot-on, the song choice and running order is flawless, and it delivers for both existing fans and new alike: if you want to introduce someone to the Doonicans, buy them this!"