Scott Doonican - Live In Sheffield




Art Rarnd Barnsley


Since You've Been Ron

Strung Up Like A Good 'Un

Crazy, Crazy Golf

Jehovah's To Call

Crappy Flowers

She's From Dodworth

Signing 12 Till 5

Sean Bean

It's Only Man Flu

Where Do You Go To My Lovely

Get 'em Art Of The Pub

I Shopped At Asda

Talk Reight, You Idiot

Walking In Manpiss

Shine On You Crazy Bar-Steward

Darn Tarn

(Alan Lost His Wig) On Route 66

Shave Tonight

Bag For Life

Mixed-Up Bins

Festival Heroes


All Abart The PLates

If I Could Punch A Face...

Don't Watch This Shit At Home

Whole Lotta Rose

Far Far Away

My Dungarees

The Cockwombling Song

The Devil Went Darn To Barnsley

Bring Me Sunshine

Scott Doonican One Man Show Too - 2CD ALBUM

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