Bag For Life

Tarnlife (feat. Barnsley Mick)

She's From Dodworth

Arse On Fire

Walking In Manpiss

Since You've Been Ron

If I Could Punch A Face...

The Zipper

All The Dinner Ladies

Massage In A Brothel


Festival Heroes

The Ornithologist Waltz

How Deep Is Your Glove?

Paint 'em Back

Silent Farter

The Lady In Greggs


The Cockwombling Song

The Devil Went Darn To Barnsley

Jump Ararnd


New to the party? Then this CD, is the perfect introduction to the anarchic world of the brothers Doonican... 

It's a 22 track 10 year retrospective compilation of their 'Bestest Bits' from all of their first 8 studio albums, lovingly re-recorded in 2018, with the band's current (and strongest) line-up.

The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican/2008-2018 - CD ALBUM