The band's 6th studio album.



She's From Dodworth

Double Oven

Friday I'm In t'Pub

Move, Yer Knackered

Massage In A Brothel

Frisky In The Jar

You're So Vain

Since You've Been Ron

The Zipper

Bono Bloody Bono

Mr Soundman

The Devil Went Darn To Barnsley

Alan & The Robot


Studio album #6 saw ALL CHANGE for The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican. Very shortly before the release of album #5, Bjorn Doonicansson joined the band's ranks, making us a four-piece for the first time. Then later that same year, Alan #1 left, to be replaced by his brother Alan #2 (this is a long story, which is explained elsewhere on our website!). 

The majority of the songs on The Tarn Machine were written in the period between January and April 2015 during a time of great turmoil. During this period the new line-up of The Bar-Steward Sons were forced to take time-out from live shows after Scott's partner, Amanda, had to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. 

The album was originally released in early 2015, but with the benefit of hindsight, we felt that we could significantly improve on the production of the album, and so in late 2019, during the 'Leap of Faith' Project, we roped long-standing sound guru Joel Howe back in to mix and master new renditions of the original tracks. On some of them we went back to the original tracks (stripping out rough sounding bits, fixing bits and adding totally new bits to add texture), and in some cases it was back to the drawing board to just start from scratch with long-established tracks to improve them. 

We hope that people enjoy revisiting the tracks as much as we did. 

Scott Doonican

The Tarn Machine - CD ALBUM