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"The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican are one of the hardest working bands around, great entertainers, and the best pastiche outfit that I know of." 
Maartin Allcock

Music producer & former member of Fairport Convention & Jethro Tull

"Like The Barron Knights - on speed!"
Staffordshire Sentinel

"Lyrics full of pith and vinegar, wrapped in dubious DayGlo knitwear... that will have the folkies quaking to the depths of their Trad. Arr. souls"
RnR Magazine (Review)


FROM 2006

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Doonicans Artwork 2024b.jpg

The line-up of The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican has changed significantly since the band formed in 2006, and during that time ringleader Scott Doonican has been the one constant member throughout each of the different eras of line-up. What follows is a brief history of the band's evolution over the years...

Doonicans Mk. I


Scott Doonican
Danny Doonican
Alan Doonican # 1

Starting out as an acoustic duo in June 2006, estranged brothers Scott and Danny Doonican, had met for the first time just days before something of a revelation, when attempting to research the origins of their family tree. Danny, was working as a steel-worker at the time, but saw the potential to join forces with Scott, formerly a primary school teacher, to conceive the World's Greatest Folk Duo in Knitwear. However, on being tipped-off by reliable sources that they may actually be related, they climbed aboard a local mobile library bus to hastily research their origins in more detail, whilst still reeling from this shock announcement. 

Little did they know at the time, that their efforts at genealogy would reveal to them a very well kept secret. This revelation led them along the righteous garden path towards making their mark on the world of music and (very) light entertainment. In the same way in which they were driven together, they also felt compelled to follow in the footsteps of a legendary TV musician and entertainer, very close to their hearts. Determined to follow in these immortal footsteps, they set out on the road, to butcher other people's songs on folk instruments.

Coincidentally, on that fateful day, on-board the book bus, the duo was very soon to become a threesome (not in the biblical sense). The driver of the mobile library, Alan Doonican #1, also happened to share in their love for trendy knit-wear. He had also recently learned to play the piano accordion from the 'Jimmy Shand: Play With Yourself In A Day' book from the top shelf of the mobile libarary, but had struggled greatly trying to get the instrument under his duvet. It was as if fate had decided their future. Alan became an official member of the band, and Scott and Danny went on to become official members of the library.

During these early days, the band predominantly butchered other people's songs, somewhat quirkily, on geetar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and accordion, and Scott, Danny and Alan recorded and released a debut EP, two studio albums (For Those About To Rock... We Rock Gently' & 'Back To The Day Job' ) and six live recordings between 2006 and 2010, all predominantly containing straight cover-versions in a genre-swap folk-styling.


However, in the summer of 2008, the addition of a newly penned parody song about their hometown, 'Tarnlife' (to the tune of Blur's 'Parklife'), started Scott thinking about a new direction for the band. He had visions of the brothers Doonican venturing into the realm of comedy parody. Under Scott's direction, the band then started work on a comedy concept album about their northern mining town home, which became the album that the band now officially recognise as their 'parodies' debut, 'Cpl. Kipper's Barnsley Trades Club Turn' , which was released in late 2010. With the central theme of the album being all about 'Barnsley' as a town, and its inhabitants, the 'Cpl. Kipper' album featured some Barnsley-themed parodies of popular music, covers of northern comedy songs by Scott's heroes (Mike Harding and Tony Capstick) and even an acoustic cover of South Yorkshire heavy metal heroes Saxon's 'Strong Arm of The Law' (which featured the first of several guest appearances by Saxon founder-member, Graham Oliver). It was an eclectic melting-pot to say the least. 

Sadly, after almost five years on the road, tragedy struck the band in March 2011, when Danny Doonican discovered a problem with the validity of his birth-certficate. Realising that the documents that were viewed on Alan Doonican's library bus were forgeries, he later found, after some detective-work that he was, in fact, only the son of a sheet-metal worker from Sheffield and not the love-child of a famous Hibernian balladeer. He quickly departed ranks and went into exile in Marbella, in fear of reprisals from distraught fans. However, he sent his blessing to his former comrades to carry their good work on in his absence. 

On Danny's departure, Scott made a conscious decision to lead the band, concentrating on writing more comedy parodies of their favourite classic rock, pop, punk and metal songs complete with lyrics from t'North, thus producing the unique style, sound and image that the band have continued to purvey to this day.

Doonicans Mk. II


Scott Doonican
Alan Doonican # 1
Andy Doonican

As luck would have it, further family-tree research led Scott to locate another wayward Bar-Steward brother, Andy Doonican, whom he and Alan met for the first time, by accident, in the easy-listening section of Barnsley's now-closed HMV store. Scott recognised that Andy's love of knitwear and hair products was far too much of an uncanny coincidence, and after a quick hour in Alan's Library Van, checking the family tree, it later transpired that Andy was another distant half-brother twice removed. 

Andy's day job at the time, a full-time lion-tamer in the Barnum & Bailey Circus, had left him tired from wielding his stool. Despite having deeply embedded splinter-damage to his left hand from chair-wielding, he proved himself more than capable to handle the great responsibility of being a full-time Bar-Steward Son, even though chord changes could be excrutiatingly sore. Andy chose to hang-up his whip and pick up the 12-string guitar, bass and ukulele. To Scott and Alan's delight, he was a born natural and he joined the band's ranks for the following five years, cementing the second significant incarnation of The Bar-Steward Sons, during which time, the band wrote and recorded four more studio albums: The Dark Side of the Tarn (2011), 'EY UP! LET'S GO (2012), Sat'day Neet Fever (2013) and Talk Of The Tarn (2014).  

Doonicans Mk. III


Scott Doonican
Bjorn wych1_edited.jpg
Björn Doonicansson
Alan Doonican # 2

2014 was a challenging time for the band, as Scott's partner Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer (which she thankfully battled and won with the help of our glorious NHS), but by the end of their annus horriblis, the band's line-up changed significantly againWhen a 16-year old Björn Doonicansson joined the ranks as a part-time member of The Bar-Steward Sons in May 2014, he did so, initially, to deputise for Andy Doonican, who was taking more time out from live shows. However, with such a wealth of talent, it wasn't long before Scott invited the him to become a full-time addition to the band's line-up, adding tenor banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar and an A-Level in drinking to his areas of expertise, expanding the trio to a quartet for the first time in the band's history.

Further personnel changes took place later in the year when Alan #1 suddenly and unexpectedly quit the band. However, a shock revelation regarding IVF, heralded the arrival of Alan Doonican #2 after his brother-from-the-same-mother chose to depart after 8 years pumping his bellows. The arrival of Alan #2, like Björn just months before him, breathed new life into the line-up. He brought with him a bunch of great new song ideas, an organ that could charm the birds from the trees, and boyish good-looks to boot. 

Not too long after their arrival and after years of distinguished service, Andy Doonican began to wind-down his regular appearances with The Bar-Steward Sons in 2014, but continued to make sporadic appearances on special occasions. Andy went into retirement in 2016 after becoming a proud father, for the second time, with the blessing of his siblings. 

Over the ensuing 8 years, the Mk. III line-up of Scott, Alan #2 and Björn recorded a run of seven studio albums including The Tarn Machine (2015), T'South 0 - Tarn 4 (2016), 'Ave It : Bold As Brass (2017), The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican/2008-2018 (2018), Place Of Spades (2019), Cpl Kipper's Barnsley Trades Club Turn 10th Anniversary Edition (2020) and Rugh & Ryf (2022). They also went on to play festivals up and down the country, including to 20,000 people at Fairport's Cropredy Convention (twice) and Glastonbury Festival's Avalon Stage amongst many others. 

Doonicans Mk. IV


Scott1_haluk gurer.jpg
Scott Doonican
The Bar-Steward Sons promo pic 2023.jpg
Alan Doonican # 2
JR pic.jpg
Rt. Rev.
J.R. Doonican III

Mojo pic.jpg
Mo-Jo Doonican
Dave pic.jpg
Dave Doonican

In August 2023, Björn Doonicansson announced that he would be leaving the band after a 9 year tenure, and that the band's Winter Tour would be his final dates alongside Scott and Alan before moving on to pastures new. Scott announced shortly afterwards that the band would be regrouping in early 2024, with a new (flexible) five-piece line-up, which would be unveiled for the first time at the band's first show of 2024 at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. On the night, three new members of the band that were revealed during the sold out show, were given a very warm-welcome from Doonifans...

The Reight Reverend Jeremiah Rickenbacker Doonican III (or J.R. to his friends) joined the Doonican ranks with a clawhammer banjo, a mighty-fine mandolin, and one mean-ass fiddle, that managed to send The Devil packing from the get-go, never to return for a rematch, because he knew that he'd been beat.


Dave Doonican stepped-up to take on four string duties, meaning that for the first time in 18 years the band would have a full-time bassist.

Mo-Jo Doonican returned, having first made a cameo appearance on stage, playing bass with the band in August 2019 for the duration of their annual 'Sunday Service' show at the Big Top at The Levellers' 'Beautiful Days' Festival. Mo-Jo came back this time as a full-time member, sporting a mandolin and banjo for five-piece line-up shows, and his trusty bass for shows when Dave Doonican was unable to make it.

However, despite growing to a fabulous five-piece, Scott continued to be visionary in the band's impact on the festival circuit, and for a select handful of festival shows each year, would extend that Fab Five to a Magnificent Seven (more affectionately monikered 'The Bar-Steward Big Band') to include the rather magical Mushroom Doonican on bass guitar and Brazilian tub-thumper Dalgas Doonican who had previously joined the band on-stage for their now-annual 'Beautiful Days Sunday Service' show.

Mushroom Doonican 1.jpeg
Mushroom Doonican
Bar-Steward Big Band
Dalgas Doonican
Bar-Steward Big Band

The Doonican Hall of Fame: Our Significant Others

There has been a large number of 'significant others' who have played along with the band over the years, who have officially been inducted into The Doonican Hall of Fame...

Whilst continuing on their musical mission, Scott vowed to search for other siblings in what has become a surprisingly extensive family tree. Over the years, there have been a bunch of Honorary Doonican siblings that have been officially inducted into the Doonican Hall of Fame. Here's a little background...


Back in 2014, five more distant musical family members had been found, and made their stage debuts during live shows. Two of them even made a guest appearance on the band's 2014 live double-album 'It'll Be Reight', in the absence of Andy Doonican, who was busy washing his hair that fateful weekend...

Extreme banjo-picker, Delmar Doonican was located in the swampy Barnsley deltas of Blacker Hill by Scott at one of his solo shows at the annual line-dancing convention in Pilley. Scott liked Delmar's playing so much he invited him to lay down tracks on 'Ace Of Spades' on The Bar-Steward's Big 7" single B-side (later to be reworked on 'Place Of Spades' in 2019) and on 'Whole Lotta Rosé' from 'Talk Of The Tarn'. Being rather shy by nature, Delmar, shunned the lime-light, and hasn't been seen since. 

Another brother-from-another-mother, Duck Doonican was discovered, mandolin-in-hand, horizontally propping up the bar at Harefield Hall by Scott and Alan whilst they were pondering a book on Harrogate Heraldry after a festival appearance with members of The Levellers. Although bearing a striking resemblance to The Levellers' own Simon Friend, Duck claimed that he had never heard of the long-established seminal Brighton punk-folkies. Nevertheless, Duck made his stage debut the day after, before returning to the bar... allegedly for 'Just The One'!

An unexpected no-show from Andy Doonican at a festival appearance in 2014, resulted in the band recruiting the services of Foxy Doonican. He returned later in the year to cover for a few other shows, too.

As Alan #1 left, during the transition of Alan #2 joining the band, another addition to the family tree was discovered in a distant cousin, Bobby (a suspected Bar-Steward Son of lesser-known skiffle player Lenny Doonegan). Bobby has also been invited to make a few guest appearances with the band on special occasions, on his box-rockin' tea-chest bass.

In 2015, while performing at a music festival, the band discovered their Doonican 'sister from the same mister', Sarah Doonican. Sarah, a trained British Sign Language Interpreter, has since performed alongside her brothers on several occasions, "terping" their comedy lyrics to make The Bar-Steward Sons' show inclusive for deaf gig-goers.


The same festival show (ironically show #555) heralded the first hellish showdown between the Doonicans and The Devil himself, during the band's rendition of 'The Devil Went Darn To Barnsley'. The Devil's competitive streak meant that he possessed the body of aptly named 6' 7" tall Tom Large, who continued returning to do battle with Björn many times over the ensuing years, until his Scandinavian nemesis' departure from the band in late 2023. He made his final appearance on stage at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham at show #1275 where The Devil faced the full force of the Mk IV. line-up of the band, and was vanquished by Rt. Rev. Jeremiah Rickenbacker Doonican III, whom, being a learned man of the cloth, exorcised Tom's demon so he could return to a normal life. 

On 11th August 2018, the band played their 900th show at Fairport's Cropredy Convention, in front of 20,000 people. They were joined on stage by the legendary, Maartin Allcock. Maart had previously been a member of Mike Harding's 'Brown Ale Cowboys', The Bully Wee Band, The Mission, Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull, whilst also working with a host of world class musicians such as Robert Plant, Ralph McTell, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Yusuf (Cat Stevens), to name but a small few. As both a multi-instrumentalist and producer he also became a dear friend of the family, collaborating on several band tracks as both performer and producer, including a series of annual Christmas charity singles with the brothers Doonican.

The Cropredy show was to be Maart's first and only performance with the band, and one that the Fairport audience and the band will never, ever forget. In exchange for his selflessness and friendship, Maart was awarded the coveted 'EY UP! LET'S GO!' tank-top and was made an 'Honorary Doonican'. Sadly Maart passed away a mere 36 days later, after a short and brave battle with cancer. Maart's words will always ring true: "Be happy and shower the people you love with love."

The band re-released their final collaboration with Maart (a folk-prog version of Greg Lake's 'I Believe In Father Christmas') in Maart's memory, which entered the UK's Nationwide Chart on Christmas Day 2018 at #80, having reached #33 in the UK iTunes Chart earlier that week.

2019 saw the band host their own two day music festival in Barnsley in October. The aptly named 'Doonifest' sold out in 56 seconds, over a year in advance. One of the notable acts of the weekend, was a reunion of the band's founding members, Scott & Danny (and coincidentally Danny's 100th show, whilst also being the band's 996th) where the two original brothers-from-other-mothers played a set of songs from the early days of the band, including some quirky covers and songs from the band's debut album.  Danny was delighted to return to finally get to say goodbye.

In 2020, the global coronavirus pandemic forced the band to take something of a sabbatical, as they had to cancel all shows from March 2020 until much July 2021. In the interim, Scott and his better half, Amanda, hosted a weekly online live show called 'Scott Doonican's BIG NEET IN' every Saturday night for 70 weeks. These shows remain online for people to rewatch HERE, and featured occasional appearances from Björn and Alan #2 as well as regular musical friends and guest collaborators and a host of zany puppet characters voiced by Amanda, in a bid to give Scott someone/something to banter with in the absence of his band of brothers. This was the first time in which Amanda, who had always been the driving force of the band 'behind the scenes' (co-writing a large body of the band's parodies, the person who runs merch at all of the shows, and the creatve brain behind the name of the band), was dragged to the font to perform in her own right. The Big Neet In online show, consequently spawned three live stage shows where Scott and Amanda performed together. They also organised three further indoor music festivals in the shape of The Big Day Out, The Big Day Out v2.0, and The Big Day Out v3.0, which saw guest performers from their online shows take to the stage in Barnsley in front of capacity crowds and The Bar-Steward Big Band headlining. 

After returning to live shows in the summer of 2021, the band played their 2nd Annual 'Sunday Service' at Beautiful Days Festival, bringing with them drummer-from-another-mother, Keith Moonican, who joined Mo-Jo Doonican that year as the two-piece 'Sunday Service Gospel Orchestra' (the band were working to a tight budget!).

Fuse Festival in Lichfield in July 2022, saw the first ever appearance of Super-Doonifan Mark Wilkinson as 'The Doonigoat' as the band's official mascot during the song 'Goat Yoga'. He has made numerous appearances on stage with the Doonicans and nowadays, on occasions where he isn't able to get to a show the band or Scott have put on a 'Replacement Goat Service' when the song is performed live.  

Amanda Doonican.jpg
since 2006
Delmar Doonican
Duck Doonican
Foxy Doonican
The Devil
Bobby Doonegan
Sarah Doonican
Keith Moonican
Maart Allcock.jpg
Maart Doonican
The Doonigoat
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