Coronavirus... it's rubbish. It has stopped every band we know from playing gigs, and has knackered the economy, caused panic buying, tanked small businesses, decimated the festival circuit and no-doubt spelled the beginning of the end for many amazing grassroot live music venues. It has also forced live music online. 

Not only that, but it means that Scott Doonican is having to spend his 41st Birthday in insolation at home, with a limited amount of beer!

So here it is: the BIG BIRTHDAY NEET IN. As we have been asked to stay indoors, Scott's going to to do his bit for the war-effort by entertaining the troops, and why not... he loves to put on a show. Grab a beer, pour some wine, or mek a brew, but most of all enjoy the show...

Dun't forget, you can pay what you like, but if you want to chip in to buy Scott a beer, he won't stop you!


Can't see the live stream below? Try clicking HERE

and if that doesn't work try HERE