Coronavirus... it's rubbish. It has stopped every band we know from playing gigs, and has taken innocent lives too soon, knackered the economy, caused panic buying, tanked small businesses, decimated the festival circuit and no-doubt spelled the beginning of the end for many amazing grassroot live music venues. It has also forced live music online. 


So here it is: the BIG NEET IN.

As we have been asked to stay indoors, Scott's going to to do his bit for the war-effort by entertaining the troops, and why not... he loves to put on a show. And not only that, because the rest of the band are in two completely different counties, he is joined each week by his partner Amanda and her army of zany puppets and a bunch of regular special guest appearances too.

Grab a pack of beer, pour some wine, or mek a brew, but most of all enjoy the show...

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We are incredibly grateful for the time and effort taken by a small group of Doonifans, co-ordinated by Rob Hurst, who have taken the time to re-watch all of the episodes of Scott Doonican's BIG NEET IN, in order to create something of a complete viewer's guide to the entire series of shows. They have catalogued all 69 of the original broadcasts (as well as having plans to do the same for any future episodes or specials in the post-pandemic future), including the setlist played by Scott, any music videos featured in the show, notable arrivals of new puppets/characters, selected quotes from each show, the weekly quiz questions and answers, special guest appearances, trivia, and wherever possible information about the original pre-show and after-show that originally went out on 'Facebook Live' before and after each BIG NEET IN. It is something of a Herculean feat, as there is over an entire week of viewing, and we can't thank them enough for their time and dedication, so that people who want to relive the magic from a very strange time in the band's history, can do exactly that.

Here's what Rob Hurst, who co-ordinated the 'Big Neet In Archives Resource Project' has to say:


"What we've tried to do is to create a tool for fans to use, find things that they half remember or search for episodes where certain things happened (e.g. Amanda scaring the bejebus out of Scott with the spider!) and when our much-loved puppets debuted. 


Having three main people contribute means there is a slight change of voice in what was deemed significant or not, Lin [Hulme] on her shows, documented the source of video more whereas I normally listed them as video unless it was significant. Paula [McArdle], in her pre show and aftershows, put a much more emotive voice to her writing, which I really liked, and makes my own straightforward reading very different.


As more monthly irregular shows occur I'll keep updating,

Rob Hurst, Lin Hulme, Paula McArdle, Matthew Jarvis
(with very occasional help from Scott Doonican when needed)